Thursday, June 22, 2006

Separation Anxiety and Other Brain Farts

I hate getting dumped.

Its disheartening to realise that people reprioritise and you don't make the cut. I don't take it like an adult. I turn into petulant child and take cheap shots.

Losing friends bites ass.

I'm moving on Monday, And so I ordered a new luggage set, set to arrive on ....yup, you guessed it...MONDAY.

I need to stop blogging when I'm in weird moods, but of recent, it seems those are the only times I can sit still long enough to write anything.

My birthday was great. My mom came with my sister and we didnt fight ONCE. She took me shopping and spent waay too much money on me and cooked for me and cleaned my apartment and did all the other great things that mothers do, like pee with the bathroom door open.

On my actual birthday, a coworker took me out to lunch. Then on tuesday, a whole bunch of coworkers took us out to lunch for the June birthdays and one of them gave me $50. I was very touched. I have to remember to send her a present and invite her to my graduation.

Gosh, I hope I don't do that and she feels pressure ot fly all the way out there for one day of smiling with strangers she has never met! Okay. Scratch that. Just the present and the occasional email.

I adore Nelly Furtado.

Monday, June 05, 2006


...I have had the strangest feeling
With no vivid reason here to find
-- Stevie
So much for friends. No one wants to help me move. SO I guess I will be driving 8 hours 34 minutes by myself. Maybe its biting myfingers to spite myhand [or however that saying goes] but I don't think I have a choice. I will not grovel. it's not that serious. I hate people having the audacity to tell me how much of a bad idea it is to drive all the way by myself, but refuse to help in the same breath.
Even more distateful is " I would have loved to help if I could"
Why cant you?
Silence or nervous laugh. Take your pick.
I'm so irritated that I'm planning to go and get packing boxes tomorrow and start packing my shit up.
I truly am very hurt. Because I'm still the idiot that will go out on my last limb and drink garri for a month, because you needed me to fly in to help you tie your shoe lace.
Okay, that is unfair to say no one will help.
Someone did agree to help.
Then asked if he would be getting some ass as part of the deal. Not in those words, but the message was clear.
And no, he isn't Nigerian.
Listening to Glenn Lewis

Sunday, June 04, 2006


I honestly hate these tag things. I never read them unless they are written by people I adore. Unfortunately, more and more people are growing on me. Here goes...

Accent – Weird mix of "depends on who I'm talking to". Im a lingual chameleon. Im waiting for the day the chinese delivery guy slaps me for saying "tenk you, kamagain" after he delivers my fly lice.
Booze – Im a cocktail girl, with a strangely high tolerance for alcohol. Usually Hypnotiq and Vodka [I like the pretty blue color] but more recently, Black Forest Martini [mmmmm, chocolate cherry goodness!]
Chore I hate – Dishes. I will marry the man that will buy me a dishwasher.
Dogs/Cats – Cats. I once saw a bumper sticker that said "Dogs have owners. Cats have staff". I adore their independence. Very unlike those suck-ups people call dogs.
Essential electronics – The pod [Oh Steve! you have made a crack addict of me!] and the PC.
Favourite Perfume – Givenchy Very Irresistible.....although my new Vera Wang is growing on me [eat your heart out, Mona!]
Gold/Silver – Gold
Hometown – Ile-Ife
Insomnia – Never heard of it. I can sleep for 12 hours straight.
Job Title – Bum
Kids – None that I had noticed.....I KNEW I couldnt have made that mess myself!
Living arrangements – Weird roomate who walks around wearing a full Kimono, which would be normal if she was Japanese. She is white.
Most admired trait – The ability to raise one eyebrow. Or whistle. I could never do either.
Number of sexual partners – Now when you say sexual, you really mean people who don't run in the opposite direction when i come down the street, right?
Overnight hospital stays – Too many. The nurses all knew me by name.
Phobia – The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. So why cant I watch scary movies?
Quote – "Not trynna be your woman, pimp bones in my body" [Im sorry, i had to think of something fast]
Religion – Christian
Siblings – 4 sisters. Yes, I am a middle child, and president of the Middle Child Syndrome Anonymous
Time I usually awake – 7:30 when one of my employed friends thinks its funny to wake me up to stare into space for a few hours.
Unusual talent – Pissing people off without trying.
Vegetable I refuse to eat –Cauliflower. UUUGH!
Worst habit – I correct bad english. It irks me.
X-rays – I dunno....maybe 4?
Yummy foods I make – I am told i make a mean stew. *shrug* I love my beans and corn.
Zodiac sign – Gemini [which will explain the split personalities and the extreme mood swings]