Friday, September 22, 2006

On Lunch, Past Romance and Bringing Sexy back

Crush is over. I found out at lunch with him and a third wheel [I don't know if I should be grateful for the extra person] that some girl flew in from England to spend the weekend with him. I'm not asking any questions, I'm just walking away.


It was fun for all 30 seconds it lasted. I think I'll just focus on warm body nursing my aching coughing sore throat back to health so I can pass this damn class.

in other news, I just got the sexiest new phone.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Does Failure Really Build Character?

...because I'm about to become as great as *gosh, this is hard... I can't think of a single famous person with untainted character!* ummm Gandhi?

For X[n] <= 20 for n = {1,2,3} X[1] = 15 X[2] = 9 X[3] = 0 Does this count as an exponential decline? edit: See? I suck! I can't even spell Failure! *wails*

Sunday, September 17, 2006

On New Romance, and Lunch

I simply cannot remember to eat. I just realised I ate only once today and once yesterday....well twice if you count the chicken wings and the cake at the picnic. I never remember to eat lunch during the week, except on thursdays when [so far] Femi and I have gone to eat together. Its not really a standing started 3 weeks ago, we have done 2 thursday lunches....Im not calling him this week, because I made the plans the last couple weeks. I want to make sure he wants to lunch with me and I'm not dragging him away from whatever or whoever it is he usually lunches with and he is only agreeing out of some weird sense of politeness.

Femi and I went out together last night. I don't know if Im allowed to call it a date and I'm jumping the gun, but he suddenly called at about 10:30 last night to ask what I was doing.


"On saturday night? I'm on my way to come pick you up. Do you have any movies at home? I feel like eating ice cream and watching a movie"

Of course I gather up my books and computer in like 20 seconds and I'm out the door before I remember: I dont have a tv!!!!!

He is like "cool, whatever, lets still get ice cream and chill," so we go buy ice cream and some drinks and go to my place and just chill and talk for like another half hour - 45 minutes then he suggests we go out dancing. Went downtown and danced the rest of the night away. It was a lot of fun. He said we had to do it again. He dropped me off at home and that was it.

I walked in my house smelling like his cologne. *smile*

The weather is fabulous and I'm high off the possibilities of new something. Tomorrow goes up to 84 degrees so I shaved my legs and plan to wear a skirt. And I don't even expect to see him tomorrow. I hope my high doesn't die soon--I need as much perkiness as I can muster for the career fairs on tuesday and thursday. I might want to revise and print out my resume. Jobhunting sucks ass.

I hope we're still on for lunch thursday.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

One more Odd fact about me

I am insanely attracted to men's backs. Yes. Backs. The way men look at womens boobs or hips or butts, I suspect I feel the same way about a well defined back as most men feel about a 36C or a minute waist and Beyonce's badunka. That crease in your lower back where your spine is and your shoulders and the muscle behind the blades? *swoon*

Lucky for me, I don't get slapped for touching. :wink:

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

So I got tagged..

...and since I dont want to do my work I might as well.

Post six weird facts/habits about yourself. These cannot be used against you later on. At the bottom name the six people you will tag next. Leave them a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged and to read your blog

I cannot multitask. It is simply impossible. I'm either on the phone or reading something in a book/on the internet. In general, the phone conversations lose out. Although, for class, I realise I concentrate best when Im doodling song lyrics on my notes...go figure.

I cannot eat food with my hands [like eba, amala etc]. This stems from no false superiority complex, I just never learned how. My parents said it was rude to eatfood with my left hand [I'm left handed] and so made sure I learned to eat with a fork and knife. When I was about 12 they decided I was dexterous enough with the silverware and said I could eat withg my hands at home. Guess what? I didn't know how.

I LOVE rice and okro [Okra? Whatever]

I read with the text about two and a half inches away from my eyes and have done so since I was 4 but [as at last eye exam] I have 20/16 vision (which means for you non-glasses wearing folk, I can see from 20 feet away what normal people have to be 16 feet away from the chart to see). S odont buy the "don't sit so close, it will spoil your eyes" hogwash.

I have an attention span of about 4 minutes.

I really should be writing this paper I have due tomorrow.

Okay , that last one was cheating, but I really do need to get back to work. I'll tag people later

I had the oddest dream

I was walking back from class worried about my grandad because my mom had told me he was showing her a book he was readingand telling and how it mirrored his own life but his hands were empty. I guess I was worried he was going senile.

I walked towards them, as tjhey were sitting outside in the clearing in my apartment complex and I heard him praying aloud. I walked towards them and knelt beside him and bowed my head to pray with them, but when he felt my presence he stopped praying....

we were there in silence for a few moments when I felt him lay his hands gently on my head and in real life my body shook with a violent jolt.

I don't know what it means or what happened or why I woke up the way I did. I am believing that it means god has done something new and I am trusting in Him for my salvation. Psalm 25:3 Says
No one who trusts in you will ever be disgraced, but disgrace comes to those who
try to deceive others.

and I am hanging on that. lol. Hanging by a moment. Keep me in your prayers. I have 2 very good friends who are doing some major travelling today and one who is just going through some stuff. Say a prayer for them too.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

So I did dance my ass off...

...but then so did he....with other people.

Murphy's Law. A friend thinks I'm trying too hard. I think this blog is getting personal. I need to stop telling people about it. Okay fine, I told ONE person, but now that I want to say something I can't say it. And the current crush knows I am a blogger and wants to read. Of course he's gonna find it and be totally weirded out that I blogger about him then he is going to avoid me like the plague and then the annoying dude that irks me is going to fall madly in love and screw me over for life [because all the dudes here are like a posse].

So I notice on this blog I'm only ever depressed or talking about some dude. Lol. I promise I have much more fun things going on in my life, like getting kicked out of a friend’s apartment for talking about Nigeria too much. Strange world.

I just realized how much I enjoy dancing. I can dance all night and then some and dance all the way home while the sun comes up and get home and dance to a couple more songs before I get into bed and STILL be up at like 10am to be useful.

So Femi Kuti is not that cute. And he is kinda loud, but in a cute funny way. I suspect it will be annoying in like a month. Either that or I'll be out-of-my-head-hopelessly-devoted.

I should be reading about the triple constraint now and how each part of the constraint is not mutually exclusive even though each part is represented as orthogonal to the others on the graph.

And according to my Kolb Learning Style Inventory, I'm in the perfect field. Management of Technology.

So why would I, at this moment, much rather be home watching my husband eat and make me blush like a schoolgirl as he talks about how great the food is?

*hides from the bra-burning feminists*

lol. Yeah, I cooked for Femi Kuti [I’m gonna call I’m that from now on. You know, I actually kept calling him Femi to his face when he was over yesterday] and a couple other people over the weekend and they wont stop talking about it. And I feel all warm and fuzzy. I guess I really am a traditional woman on the inside. But only on the inside. Dare say some shit to me about how every woman wants to get married and those that don't "won tan ara won je" (they are fooling themselves) [yes, that was an actual Femi quote, and that was part of why I cussed him out.] and I will pour kerosene on you and wrap my burning bra around your head. Dare me not to.

In other news, I keep meeting hot Pakistani men. [Ha-ha...I’m sure you thought other news did not include men.]

I keep having nightmares. I'm having this recurring nightmare about a rape. The first time, I was watching a movie about it. The last night, I discovered the girl who was raped. I'm worried that the next time, she'll be me. And I knew that I should burn my Women’s Lib membership card when my first thought on waking up was "I wish I had a man asleep beside me so I would feel safer when I wake up from these nightmares". I think the Femi crush was born the next day. So much for independence and going to bed with a baseball bat. I really need to pray and consecrate my room because clearly, something is wrong. At least, thank God, I'm not scared of the dark here. Usually, when I move to a new place, I'm scared of the dark for the first few weeks and then I eventually settle in.

Lord, I am such a girl.

And I am so brutally honest on this blog. I might have to move yet again. I'll just have to tell the regulars where to find me.

Or I'll stick to being lazy with no site meter and pretend I only have 3 readers.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm Still Alive....

...but only barely. School started but as they say, when it rains , it POURS. One week and I'm already totally lost in one class and completely innundated with work in every other. The fun thing is I have no classes on friday, but I suspect I will be studying or sleeping on fridays.

I guess I can officially be reffered to as MILF. Not the kind you think tho. I don't have time to have kids. I dont have time for a social life, let alone sex and broken or forgotten contraceptives. So can someone explain to me why I am in love YET AGAIN.

*stupid grin*

Lol. I am a total loser. He is an ungergrad. Granted, a graduating senior, but an undergrad all the same. He kinda looks like Femi Kuti to me [which may or may not be a good thing]. I would say more, but that would probably give away his identity, and he has sworn to hunt for my blog. *grin*

I was pretty sure he was interested in me until I cussed him out for making what I saw to be a chauvinist comment. As we all know, I ADORE complete jackasses who seem sweet on the inside [well, that part is optional, judging by my track record] and it was love at first "you-are-full-of-shit".

Okay, i need to talk, so please Lord Jesus, never ever let him find my blog. Amen.

We had class together [don't ask me how that happened. Seriously, what are the chances? Im a grad student, he isnt, we have totally different majors. All I know is I'm not dropping the class] and he sat beside me and this birthmark he had on his arm just killed me. My Palestinian hottie was on my left and he was on my right. How I ignored my Palestinian hottie for 2 hours in favor of Chauvinist femi Kuti is BEYOND COMPREHENSION. I sat and stared at his birthmark and willed myself not to touch it for to hours.

I failed.

He probably thinks Im psycho now. Some chick sitting in class touching him. WTF?

I must be losing it. Its all this reading.


Hopefully, I'll see him this weekend and dance my way into his head and mess with his shit.

Back to Probability and random Signals for Electrical Engineers.