Wednesday, January 26, 2011

7 Things...

Taynement is going to kill me if I don't and I live alone and I'm concerned people wont find my body for weeks, so I figure its a good idea to stay alive and give you my things
  1. I love mornings. It might take me an hour to get out of bed, but I'm just happy to be alive and excited to see everyone. I don't need coffee or tea or anything to be perky I just am. Sometimes, its all I can do not to skip through the hallways at work. And I hate it when I'm awake and everyone is sleeping. There is so much glorious day to just LEAP right in to! ....then it all comes crashing down around 4pm then I don't want to be bothered.
  2. I feel like I have tears behind my eyes, waiting for every opportunity to come crashing down. Every stupid thing makes me cry. I cry during every episode of Teen Mom. I cried (well, single tear) when Finn announced the formation of "Furt". I cried when my friend told me she can now listen to "Lucky" (she used to hate the song). I bawled at work when I watched this cute video. But just as soon as I'm done crying, I'm back to perky.
  3. I'm really excited to be part of my friends weddings. Nothing says "I-love-you-and-trust-you-and-think-our-friendship-can-withstand-the-threat-of-zillaism" like the request for you to be a bridesmaid. Now, clearly I'm delusional and I'm doing my rainbows and butterflies thing again, but I just feel like the bridesmaids have the most fun at weddings. They get to wear cute dresses and know most of the guests and dance like no ones watching (and Jide Alakija/Collins Metu/Atunbi catch them looking beautiful and happy). Win-win no? No?
  4. I do think I'm smarter than your average (what? I never claimed to be humble) but I cannot read people AT ALL. I have no idea if you're warming up to me or dislike me or seem intrigued etc. Because of this, I am utterly ridiculously socially awkward. I overcompensate for everything. I've never recognized that a guy was into me without directly being told (or realized the object of my affections did not feel the same way without embarrassing myself first). It often takes me a while to realize I've offended someone (and by "a while" I mean "someone pulled me aside and tells me"). I'm just glad people who become my friends find it cute and amusing (I hope. And if I'm wrong, don't correct me.).
  5. I am ambivalent about absolutely everything. It actually scares me a little. I can pretend that I care, just to seem normal but in reality, I don't. I don't have a favorite TV show or book or author, I don't do anything religiously. I claim to love plantain above all else, but though I do like plantain a lot, I'd live if there wasn't any. I just find peoples reaction to the fact I eat it raw funny. I don't read/watch the news or care a great deal about politics, or music (though work is impossible without music). I'm just enough of an information junkie that I can have an intelligent (and seemingly well informed) conversation about anything. If it makes people think I know what I'm talking about, oops.
  6. I have no talents. I cannot sing to save anyones life (trust me, I've tried. I'm currently shopping for a voice coach self, so I don't deafen myself since I insist on doing it so much). I'm not artistically creative at all (I wanted to be an architect till I realized I can't draw, so I resolved to marry one. I'm failing at that too). I can't make up a rhyme or write poetry. Even on the dance floor, I just absorb what everyone else is doing and am secretly jealous. Well, I take that back. I think I make a fantastic critic. I can tell you how to make ANYTHING better (and you will agree with my edits). I just can't dream stuff up myself.
  7. I want to move to Nigeria this year. Not for any strong reason (see point 5). Just because. No idea what I want to do there, or what life will be like.

There. How's that for getting to know my deepest, darkests?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I guess I'm not the only person who wakes up a couple hours before I have to be at work and fafs around until I have to speed-shower.