Wednesday, February 28, 2007


And I don't know why.

I haven't had any awful experiences. Well, I take that back. Awful is relative. But either way, my life has been good. I have no stories you'd gasp at. You'd scratch your head in confusion and wonder what was going through the idiots head, but you wouldn't gasp and hug me. Anyhoo, I'm digressing.

My life is brilliant. So why am I so jaded about relationships? I don't want one. I'm positive I don't want one. I am waaay too busy to have to not be selfish right now. I am petrified of falling in "like" with someone and having to deal with him taking up every waking thought. I can't handle it. I have Wireless Sensor Networking to worry about.

Relationships are such garbage. You meet someone and create an artificial connection until you are able to trick yourself into actually caring. Then you fight over daft things. Like seriously, why do couples fight? "you don't spend enough time with me". Your life was JUST FINE last year before you met him. You didn't give a shit freshman year when you saw her talking so whatever dude, why cant she talk to him now? Its all such bullshit. Honestly, I think everyone should just bang whoever they wanna and be NORMAL. But then the ugly members of society who aren't getting laid will get all hoity toity about it.

I don't want the late night phone calls, the "study sessions" where everyone is absolutely unproductive, the sleep overs where no one gets any sleep and everyone is cranky in the morning. I don't even want to have sex with anyone. What I want hasn't changed in years. I don't want to have to sleep alone. Was listening to All the Love in the World by The Corrs today, and the chorus starts with "don't want to wake up alone anymore" and I scoffed, because waking up (sorry, John-o, you're wrong for the first time ever) is the easy bit. Falling asleep by yourself sucks.

And I'd appreciate it if you didn't feel the need to do the random "checking in" the next day. its not necessary. You're taking up precious me-time. No I don't want to know how your day went. All I want is for you to show up at my door right when you want to go to sleep, and get in my bed.

Dammit, I swear John Mayer is a genius. And I hate him for making me this way. Its been practically three years.


I sound angry. I swear I'm not. I have too many thoughts and I can't type as fast as my brain goes and half my post gets lost in the wind. I feel ....resigned. I don't know why I'm so "life is all shit". I'm probably premenstrual.

Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm Sleepy

and I wanna go home, but I just missed the bus. The next one doesnt come for an hour :(

On Competing

Everything is good. Went to that interview and I guess it went well. I should hear something by thursday. Did most of the other work I had to do, but I truly lost interest and turned in less than half-baked work. S'all good tho. I'll be fine.

Was in the city for the weekend. Fun times. Hung out with a former friend for the first time in a few years and all the negatives came right back out. I had to constantly remind myself "it's not a competition. "it's not a competition" which is evidence of how little I have grown since then. It's all good sha. I had a blast, lost my voice and slept like the dead in the car ride back to school.

In other news, I am seriously considering my body pillow. Jason has a magnificent one. I'm going to need to ask him where he got it.

Speaking of Jason, I realized last night that I am way more hurt about losing friends than I am about losing, well, you know. I honestly miss Mr. Nigeria. We were cooool. I miss him a LOT more than I miss Femi Kuti. Femi was a great lunch/dinner buddy and he was great for the occasional whinge fest (lol) but I loved how Mr. Nigeria and I talked about all kinds of stuff. I loved how he'd call me when he was scared or worried about something important, or how he'd find my ear to say dumb shit about random hot girls. I called him thursday to be like "damn, I thought we were cool" but I got a "let me call you later, no daytime minutes". Later isn't here yet.


This week should be sufficiently hellish that I don't have time to eat or cook or think again. *tips 40 to memory of newfound bootyliciousness*

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On My House, on my Job , On my loot, shoes, my shirt fathers last name?

Lol. Robin Thicke (the OLD, untimberlake like Thicke) on the brain.

I have a job interview to fly out to tomorrow. But what if I really REALLY dont want the job? It is rude to cancel and just not go? Especially when my dream job was stripped away from me by the fates (hell, maybe I should be grateful, they started having money issues... maybe its better that started before I started work, than when i have a mortgage and 3 kids). Ugh.

Jobhunting bites monkeys ass.

Currently Listening to Brand New Jones. First time I heard the song, I thought his girlfriend/partner was his "brand new jones" but then I listened properly and I realized his time away from her was his brand new jones. How do you NOT love an artist that admits that you don't ever truly want to be around someone 24/7 losing your mind completely because the ass wont get out of your hair?

I unhid the posts. I decided screw it. Femi, if you see the posts someday, I hope you feel flattered. Life continues.

I have a meeting in half an hour and I have no intention of doing the work I needed to do to prepare for it. I hope my group members are nerd enough to just let me stand there and look pretty. I just don't want to do any work.

Speaking of pretty, I'm there again. Waking up and wearing make-up just because. Going to class in the snow with a spring in my step. Hell, my step is so springy, my professor asked me if I hurt myself ( he thought I was limping). I'm not hopeful this time, I'm just....I have no idea how to describe it. I'm not at peace, I'm not content, neither am I scared. Im just....okay. I'm okay with everything.
Well, almost everything. But that's my fault and life continues so I'll leave that one alone.

I decided to stop cussing. Not because I have any moral objection to it ( well, I used to, but I'm at a morality low right now) but because I hate the way my voice sounds to cuss words. I really don't like my voice in general. I hate the sound of it recorded. I hate the sound of it in microphones. And mostly, I hate the sound of cuss words in my voice.

Insane? Maybe.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I Changed my Mind

God created clothes for a reason. I hate the nudity. I am a self-described idiot. So I'm reading the entire blog (yes, again) and hiding posts that could potentially bite me in the ass.

This was not supposed to happen.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

I did it!!!

I almost forgot. Well, I didn't totally do it but remember how I said I was going to get the gorgeous weave I had never had the balls for? I did it! I wish I could post a picture, but that wouldn't do for anonymity would it (although my dumb ass just gave one of the recent subjects of this blog a link *slaps self*)?

Life is good. I started reading old blogs and I'm not as horribly boring on this blog as I thought. Y'all should have given a little more feedback jo *hiss*

Valentines day was a blast. It snowed like no mans business and class was cancelled which was fantastic because I hadn't done homework i had due and I hadn't the foggiest idea what to do. NSBE called and promised to send me flowers (which, as expected, never arrived) but I still love him to death. Went out in the snow with my IAD buddies to an Indian buffet and after great food and even better conversation, we made snow angels (actually, we made the snow angels on the way to the restaurant, but the sentence was sexier this way. Its called artistic license. Sue me).

Okay, on the phone with an oooold friend so I'll finish later!

Okay, off the phone. That was fun. Catching up is always great. I just got done reading through the blog. I'm an idiot. In the good kind of way. :D I also feel totally naked since, as I type this, i know someone is reading the things I wanted to keep totally private and away.

But nudity can be good. Like I said at the beginning, I hate how polite society says I can't be transparent. I'm a transparent person. I love you or I hate you and its written on my face. I'm not a private person. My life is an open book, but polite society says I need to be closed in order to survive. Maybe that's the allure of blogging. I can talk and talk about myself and no one has to know (until I go around giving people links *rollseyes*).

And I feel the need to repeat what I said the last time on xanga. I'm Freying. Nothing (well some thing are, but why tell you and spoil my ability to say " I made it up") is completely true. my blog allows me to add a little imagination to everything and make it sound the way I want it to. I get to ascribe separate events with different people to one event with whoever and however I choose.

And with the disclaimer done, I'm off to bed.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

He is a Blogger!

Who would'a thunk it? And I'm a total stalker. Google is the shit.

..well, he was a blogger. Hasnt blogged since like April last year.....unless he just switched blogs. My inner Sherlock is itching to get out. Apparently, he has been insane for a lot longer than I thought.

I think i'm going to ask him about the blog. I know, i'm horribly obvious, and yes, i'm awfully nosy and even more, I'm sure it was supposed to be private, but he should have thought of that before he put his real name on there. Hmmph.

I'll be back. Homework calleth. I think i got my blog-jo back!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why is this blog always about boys?

He said I live too far away.

After I hot-footed it over to his place 2 days before, I live too far away.


Sunday, February 11, 2007


I love and miss you. Call me some night when you can't sleep.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


I miss him.


I'ts almost 3 years later. I met this guy who sounds exactly like him and now I can't sleep. And I'm booty-IMing people.