Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jedi Mind Games

So of course I get a random text message fro ma random number saying
"Im guessing you're at work now, I'll give you a call later tonight. "

so I get all excited, before I realize its this random kid in Michigan looking for grad school advice.

So I decided (properly this time) to write him off.

....until, of course, 6 months down the line he actually does call and common sense tells me to cut the relationship to that one phonecall but I don't so I end up on the regular rollercoaster and I want to slap myself for my stupidity.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I'll eventually stop checking my phone for missed calls.

He was a good kisser tho.

Would you do a line of cocaine, knowing the first hit could kill you?

What price is too high to pay for the satisfaction of curiosity?

Do you peace out on the last year of college to see if you could make it as a musician or do you do me and wait 9 months to get that degree?


I think you're an idiot, but if you need me, I'm here.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Terminally Single

So of course I met a nice boy and of course I f*cked it up as usual.

Apparently, me and my big mouth coping strategy told his friend he wasn't cute way back in MAY.

So we hang out this weekend and we end up kissing, and he promises to call but never does. I call his friend (the guy I know him through) and that one is like "Ah, ah, you want him to call you? I thought it was a one night thing now!" and I'm too busy trying to maintain my gangsta so I don't say (as I ought to have) "How many times have you seen me making out with random dudes as one night things?"

So I guess its safe to assume thats over. Either way, you dont wife the girl you swapped spit with in a smoky club.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I want to

make out all night and go to work exhausted but smiling that secret smile that says I'm ecstatic and I can't tell you about it.

Friday was fan-freakin- tastic. Had a blast ( of course, I absolutely always have a blast with Femi Kuti). But I had a blast for slightly different reasons.

*secret smile*

Except the bastard hasnt called. Eh.

Friday, August 24, 2007


I went out and bought that body pillow like Ive been threatening.

Life is good. I like the new job. I don't know many people (that I actually want to hang out with) in this area so life is pretty boring now and I'm making all sorts of plans for trips out of tow (which usually means a very broke year for me).

Femi Kuti leaves the country next week so I'm going to the city to say goodbye. Meeting up with one of the spring break ladies and V and him to paint the town pastel pink (I KNOW these people are far too boring to do anything remotely red, and I'm designated driver so I gotta be tame too so eh. Cant see ghanaboy because he is in Chicago, so i gotta settle for pink).

Screwed up royally at owrk a few times this week, but apparently I'm allowed since I'm new, but I hear I only get one chance, and I used it up pretty fast. Gotta double check my double checks twice from now on.

One horrifyingly hot cutie, but I haven't made any major moves yet. Just ogling him from the distance for now.

Life is good. And I'm happy.