Friday, November 03, 2006

On Top Of My Game... least until the next panic attack :grin:

Im kidding. I dont do panic attacks. I'm just a horrible pessimist when it comes to my own skills and success.

Its okay though. Because God got me. I'm not quite sure why, but He does. All I can do is be grateful.

Friends are still a funny thing but I guess thats what growing up is about. Im eating sugar like its going out of style.

Does it ever happen to you that you meet a nice guy who is feeling you and he's smart and funny and sweet, but he can't get a rein over his mouth? Giving DAFT compliments like "your hair looks a lot better now than it did this morning" or other such bullshit and he cant understand why (after you have corrected and yelled and painstaking explained why that is such an asshole thing to say) you refuse to hang out with him other than randomly bumping into him at the library?

Oh, Okay.

Femi is alive and kicking. Crush is semi there, but on its way out. His best friend (I still don't understand why) is still trying to throw me at him. I ought to be doing work. It snowed today.

No. That was not a typo. And yes you read right. IT SNOWED AT THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER.



Ineka said...

LMAO...Play in the snow, while I play in the sun for the weekend. *Gloats*

jadedKiss said...

sounds like you're havin fun. if only there was snow in lagos... *sigh*

Soul said...

okay ...
I need an update already!!lol

Anonymous said...

honey ey