Monday, May 03, 2010

In my dreams... really was simpler. *sigh*

My old buddy is back. Hi Soul. I've missed you.

Life is good. I really do want to chop off all my hair.

What the frig is a break? I understand not. Can someone honestly explain to me what they are? In my head "we need a break" = "I want to have sex with someone else, guilt-free". I'm told I'm wrong. I'm yet to get an satisfying explanation.

So things haven't been perfect of recent. I can sense us both mentally checking out. Which would be fine if I wasn't me and so hellbent on ripping off band-aids, even when they aren't necessarily falling off.

I had more to say but exhaustion hit. I'll try again later.

1 comment:

Original Mgbeke said...

Break = break up in my opinion. *shrugs*

You should chop off your hair. :-D