Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I am patiently waiting

  • For the day I don't drive up to my apartment and look at the front door, hoping you're either standing there waiting for me or that there is a package there from you
  • For the day I don't walk by the front desk at work when the UPS guy comes and look up expectantly for my name to be called because there are flowers or cupcakes or serta frigging counting sheep waiting for me
  • For the day I can just listen to Evolver and it's just an album
  • For the day I don't have to restrain myself from talking about you
  • For the day I'm not sad about how you'll miss out on every change that happens to me. From my new smell, to the scar on the back of my right hand to my changing body.
  • For the hour I don't think about you.

Why do I still feel so broken?

1 comment:

BSNC said...

In leona lewis words. It will all get better in time : )