Friday, January 27, 2006

Im hopeful

Today feels good.

I came to work horribly late.
I spoke to him last night and we agreed that we'd talk this weekend and get through my questions.
I'm not sure I still want to ask them.
I'm not even sure what they are, other that "Why?"

It's funy how baggage follows you. You finally decide to let it all go, but then it chases after you in the streets screaming " I'm here! I'm here! please don't forget me!"

Im punctuating too much.

See how you feel when the tables are turned?

Never test people. They always fail
--someone I tested who failed

Truth or cop-out?

I dont care. Today feels good.


Soul said...

Honey people are human. let them be that :)

I'm still reading just let it go okay.

Elle Woods said...

baggage is full of crap..i guess thats why its called baggage.