Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I have a problem with you replying my emails if and when you choose and making me sound [read:feel] like some kind of psychotic stalker chick when you dont.

I have a problem with my time being wasted. I dont have time to spend on you. Hell, I have oodles of empty time, but I dont have time to use on you when you cant be bothered to use time on me.

I have a problem with you not caring. When you were out there on your own, I cared and I called and I made sure you were okay, and Iwas your company when you were bored or lonely. I was hte go-to woman for gifts for wifey but now all that is taken care of, and you have company now and the tables are turned and Im left standing in the cold.

I have a problem with you being profane. Screw it, i really am a prude and I dont want every other thing you say to include the word kpansh or gbensh or whatever other crass reference you choose to use. You are too cool and I am so into your [political] mind, but there are some things I dont want to be around because they bother me.

I have a problem with not being completely transparent. Why is it so taboo to say in english " i hate your guts" or "I met you yesterday, but I already want to jump your bones" or " we've been talking for two weeks and I really want to be your one".

I have a problem with seeing things through.


Im done. Off to a happy day.

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