Monday, August 07, 2006

Another day, another $16,000 dollars


Jesus be praised!!

Im happy. I have stuff to say, but it's 1:27pm and I havent showered. :grin:

Im off in under 2 weeks. I havent started packing. I am beggining to get excited.

Be back soon.


undressed*polaroid said...

well well....isnt it miss bloggerwhore....

here you are AGAIN...leave me alone, xanga here, msn spaces, now blogger...........negro pleeeeeeeeeez

Too Me to blog said...

Congratulations!!! (milf) :)

Soul said...

I'm soo proud of you.
Now's the time for more prayers and thanksgiving :)

on the flip side.. who the heck is your pimp.. you need to hook a sista up witht he hot stuff, cos your pimp got it like that!