Saturday, August 12, 2006

What does it mean

when a man you are in no way, shape or form romatically involved has no problem peeing with you on the phone?

Am I a prude to have made him hang up? I dont believe men should have non-sexual body functions. In my mind men do not dogest food, burp, number 1 or number 2. And please dont burst my bubble. I love my fantasy. Marriage/Co-habitation is going to suck. Stink breath, unshowered days, and farts-in-bed. I should join a monastery NOW.

I am a dummy. I buy you expensive presents and give you way more than I can afford to give when I know there is nothing between us. Is it from a sense of gratitude that you were my knight is shining armor when I hadthe accident, or do I secretly home that someday there might sorta kinds one day in an itsy bitsy way you might feel a twinge of something more than friendship? or am I just one of those naive, moronic friends who believes that you would do it for me if the talbes were turned even after you didnt get me a christmas present and you forgot my birthday and spent a pretty penny on you.


I'm moving next week. I havent started packing. Im not excited. Im curious to see what life is going to be like, but Im not excited. Expect about a billion blogs the week after next after my 9 hour road trip and my first week of abject boredom before school starts.


Soul said...

LOL! I abhor when guys do that.
If you must pee, turn on a tap, so I can't hear it or put me on hold.

I guess people have become used to the sound of there own pee though, so much so that it doesn't sound loud in their own ears.

erm, Tori, na who send you to have good taste and want to buy gift for man pickin?

I like to surprise people, and I like giving things, but once in awhile I like it to be reciprocated.
When you are known as the one who gives good gifts but not receives them, na trouble o.

Good luck on the trip, would flying be cheaper? (with someone like Jet blue or such?)
stay well ma souer.

Remi said...

I see you haven't learnt your lesson. Please pack early o.

Too Me to blog said...

where are - hold up lemme wipe my ass first - the 9 million blogs?

Bent out of shape said...