Thursday, March 22, 2007


Its been a shitty week. More on that later.

In other news, I met Robin Thicke yesterday.

And no, "Robin Thicke" is not a pseudonym for some random new crush/friend. He kissed me on the cheek and asked a bouncer to take a picture of us.

Maybe more on the shitty week now. I'm horribly sad. I'm in Miami, Florida with a couple friends who insist on complaining about their weight ever 30 seconds (by the way, they are both absolutely gorgeous, even if they don't look anorexic) and calling me "barbie" and gasping "she's so skinny!!!" at every thin girl girl that goes by like its a good thing.

My sister said it best. "You can't be smart, beautiful and confident all at the same time."

By the way, I got here on friday. I still don't have my luggage. I'm tired of borrowed shit, and target underwear and grasy skin and going clubbing in clothes I wouldn't be caught dead in outside my apartment and girls who just cannot see how uncomfortable I am.

I'm not asking that we not go to South Beach, and I'm not mad that people keep cat-calling at you because you look fabulous. Heck, if it were me, I'd revel in it too. Sometimes, its that ego-boost you need. What I do not like is the "Tori, that was all you" when we all know I look like shit, and he practically said your name when he was trying to get your attention. Or when the 8th guy has asked for your number at the end of the night, you say on the ride home "Tori, you were on FIRE tonight, girl" when we all know I looked like shit, and no one looked at me (with good reason, and I honestly could care less if they did, but I'd rather not have to deal with the false modesty).

Ah, well, I met Robin Thicke, and he was a sweetheart. Back to the boonies next Tuesday.

Someone please pray this gets better.


Soul said...

oh my gawd!. you met Robin Thicke!!

Sorry bout the shitty week.. but I've gotta say, I can't imagine you looking anything less than fabulous.. but you know i'm biased anyway..
enjoy the heat in miami oh and be safe :)

Anonymous said...

babe i know exactly what you mean on this.. its SO annoying sometimes. i mean, its not like you're insecure so wth do they feel like they need to pat you on the baack when u didnt even DO anything??! aargh!
what helps is the knowledge that theyre only trying to make u feel good. what doesnt is the thut that maybe theyre pitying u, or mocking u. ah well, gatsta deal with it whateva the case is.
pele dear.

on the other hand tho,OMG I DONT BELIEVE U MET ROBIN THICKE!!! How,when, what... ... ... deTALES babe!!

Moose said...

interesting read... chicas can be special at times!

btw, did you get your luggage back in time to be comfy in your own clothes?