Monday, March 05, 2007

The Freakin' Tony Rich Project

does insane things to my emotions. Actually, I think its just biology.

*smh* I'm hormonal again, but more on that later.

Huge spring break plans. I'm scared its going to be your classic vacation with friends and everyone is going to be mad by the time we get back. lol. And its hella long too. Leaving here Friday and I'm not getting back till midnight Tuesday, but I found out today AFTER I paid for my flight that I have a major prelim (actually, quite possibly the only exam for the entire class) on Wednesday, and another on Thursday. Of course, common sense prevails, and I try to change my plane ticket, but tickets are now $1,200. $1,200!!!! When I'm not flying to Nigeria? Madness. I'm so glad I bought mine last night, because I promise you, I paid less than a fifth of that! What if I waited one more day?

Well, for one thing, I would not be failing my prelim on Wednesday. And please don't tell me to study now in advance. It seems like the obvious solution, but of course I am quadruple booked with work and projects till spring break.

The weekend was a lot of fun. I have a pretty big project due Thursday, so since I obviously didn't feel like doing my work, I helped out at the Ghanaian banquet. It was a lot of fun even though I missed the entire banquet, and came inside only to dance at the end. Everyone was there.
Well, not everyone. Most people. The recent girls were both out of town and WB and his lunatic friend weren't there either. Femi Kuti gave me a ride home and I teased him about the Ambassadors daughter. I was completely exhausted afterward, but I really really wanted a drink. I need to start keeping alcohol at home. The boys were going out but I didn't feel like hanging out with them (not like they invited me anyway, but I would have shamelessly invited myself) I just wanted to sit at a quiet bar alone with a Georgia Peach in my hand and stare off into space. You know those kind of bars where there is loud music playing, but you can actually sit at the bar without being shoved aside by a drunk person ordering 14 shots and the bar isn't dripping wet? Yeah, that's what I call a quiet bar.

The day before at the talk by the Ghanaian Deputy ambassador, I suddenly had to fight back tears. And I mean fight. I have NO IDEA what was wrong. I just really wanted to bawl. Hilarity. I think I'm hormonal.

In other random ass news, I think I've been blocked on Messenger. *rolleyes*. So much for complication avoidance. Its my fault anyway. I knew I was making a stupid decision. Now I've lost the right to flirt shamelessly and have everyone understand it was meaningless. As always with me, it is quite possible that I'm imagining things, but we'll see.

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