Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back to our regularly scheduled programming

Even scarier to me that people reading what I write about them is self censorship. I would feel jailed (like I did when I tried it before) if I felt like I had to hide my thoughts or not say certain things for fear they be seen or misunderstood.

Its inevitable that my thoughts will be misunderstood simply because I don't post them here in a bid to make them clear to the reader. They are mine, I'm just feeding my inner exhibitionist by putting them on the internet.

That being said, I'm out of here!!!

gosh adulthood sucks ass!! I havent got my first paycheck yet, and Im poor already!! Worrahell?
Then I gotta go give some dentist like $3,500 of my money, because I was too poor/too lazy to deal with it before? And of course, now I am off daddy's payroll, the expenses rear their ugle heads *rollseyes*

Its all good. As my aunt said yesterday, "Welcome to adulthood."



catwalq said...

why $3500, did u loose the entire bottom half of your mouth or something?

About the self censorship, I am not sure that I get u but what I think I get is the fact that u feel stiffled by having to pick words carefully in an attempt to protect your real thoughts lest your true identity be revealed. If that is the case, then I too feel the same way. I have been asking myself if I will ever reveal my identity and I din't think I can. At this point, anonymity is fufilling alot

Soul said...

peace, love and hair grease..
and funky fab weaves... and cute sweaters and gorgeous smiles and all that jazz
oh and erm.. you didn't say anything about my pocket money :)

Soul said...

Happy Birthday!