Wednesday, June 27, 2007

An Apple A Day

Keeps the doctor away, but how do I stay away from the dentist?

I have an abcessed tooth. great huh?

What sucks is that I have spent like $2,000 on this same tooth over the past couple years. Okay, okay, fine, if I had got that crown after my root canal 2 years abo, maybe we wont be having this discussion, but hell, its my blog, I can whine all I want.

So I'm about to have 27 teeth ( I had one wisdom pulled already and the others have refused to show face. I figure they fear the same fate). I'm considering getting an implant, but that one na another gbese. We'll see what my mouth looks like after this tooth is gone tomorrow. If I feel uncute, I guess I shall have to spend the moneyon the implant.

And of course my dumb ass agreed to take 2 15 year olds around DC tomorrow, knowing I'm having dental work done. And I would say I'd beat their asses if they are bad, but they are bigger than me. This life isnt fair.

In other news, I decided that this borederline skinny steez isn't working for me and I want my abs of steel back. So I'm going to start working out .... again. We'll see how long it lasts this time.

As usual, I took a nap this evening, so I'm not going to be able to sleep. Boo naps.

Partaaaay Saturday. Nothing whatsoever to wear. I haven't bought anything sexy in a while, grad school spoiled me. Spent a year going out partying in the clothes I rolled out of bed and wore to class, and I didn't even look strange. Hell, the first party I went to when I got back here, I got the worst leg cramps the next day from not having worn heels in so long. Work should be fun. I can go back to playing dress-up. School made me lazy.

This one I'm planning to da-bubble on saturday, I better start praying that my face doesn't look anything like it did when I got the other tooth pulled. LOL. It was my senior year in college and I had midterms so I couldn't hide out. I just rocked a hoodie and went to class. When people were brave enough to pick their jaws up and ask what happened, I told them "My boyfriend is trying to make me a better person"

Reactions? Priceless.

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KB said...

no you did NOT say "my boyfriend is trying to make me a better person"!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious.