Monday, August 27, 2007

Terminally Single

So of course I met a nice boy and of course I f*cked it up as usual.

Apparently, me and my big mouth coping strategy told his friend he wasn't cute way back in MAY.

So we hang out this weekend and we end up kissing, and he promises to call but never does. I call his friend (the guy I know him through) and that one is like "Ah, ah, you want him to call you? I thought it was a one night thing now!" and I'm too busy trying to maintain my gangsta so I don't say (as I ought to have) "How many times have you seen me making out with random dudes as one night things?"

So I guess its safe to assume thats over. Either way, you dont wife the girl you swapped spit with in a smoky club.

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