Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New York, New York

titles like that make you assume the post is going to be an ode to the [sarcasm] wonderfulness that is [/scarcasm] NYC.

Its not.

I don't totally abhor the city anymore (maybe because I've finally hung out there properly in the summer time so there is less drippage). By "the city" of course, I mean Manhattan. The other 4 boroughs might as well not exist. But thats beside the point.

I couldn't think of a title for the post. And I was in NY for the weekend. So thats that.

Hung out with the bootylicious and we actually had a good time, zero drama. Friday we went out with Femi Kuti and a friend of his. I was DD, and therefore completely sober, so it was fun to watch the other 3 get wasted. As always, as the night wore on, it stopped being so funny and became a bit of a drag when I got tired and they still wanted to hit up other places. In the end sha, it was a good time. Went back to bootylicious house and passed out.

Saturday, I went to Harlem to get my hair braided and as we all know that was the end of the day.

Sunday, went shopping with Ghanaboy. He was horrendously late, so B and I had plenty time to just chill and talk, so it was really nice. Then we had dinner and went home. We had planned to go back out htat night, but laziness set in. We ended up just vegging out on the couch and going to sleep. Headed back monday scared that traffic would be a beast if i left late, but NOTHINGNESS.

So I came home and obsessed about M and made fried rice.

Making plans now to "randomly" call him later today and go to Ithaca this weekend with Ghanaboy.

YES, I'm allowed to call (stop JUDGING ME), he called friday night. And after the very familiar "whats up?" I said "Who is this?"


I wasn't playing games jare, I didn't have his number. Fi mi le jo!

1 comment:

Soul said...

braiding your hair in harlem lol.. and that's all she wrote (for the day).
You know I've actually never done that.. they scare me when they tap on the wondow as you walk by..
Sometimes I check myself like.. gaddamn it my hair don't need braiding damnit.
But hmmm, I would like to try it one time