Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ooh, baby, it's raining.

Went to school this weekend with Ghanaboy.

fabulous time. That stupid jackass who "only dates black girls" was there. Ignored me entirely the whole time. No big deal, right? Not like I can stand him.

Till the day we were leaving and it was pouring and I was giving Mr. Nigeria a ride back to campus after lunch. He came to suck up to Ghanaboy for a job, ignored me, then followed us to MY car for a ride to wherever the hell he had to go.

I saw him following us trying to get under Sade's umbrella, realized what was going on and laughed then asked " is [moron] planning to get into my car after being incapable of saying hello all weekend?"

I laughed again and kept walking. He mumbled something and ghanaboy said "thats not what you say you idiot, you apologize or say hi or something."

We got to my car and he didnt get in.

Guess who didnt give a shit?


Anonymous said...

lol!!!the guy is what they call 'a pussy- hole'!!!you are too funny!!!gooo you tho- what fool would disrespect you and then try enter you r ride!!-lol!!fewlish!!



monie said...

lol. Tori, you're awesome.

belle said...

no updates?

Pornstar said...

i thing thats frigging awesome..LMAO