Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm waiting

And I absolutely know better.

I'm not expecting anything, but I really, really want to see him. I've started having dumb dreams again about exactly what will happen when I see him. It's all very boring really. He comes in, we smile like idiots, hug, I cry, he comforts me for a minute. I tell him where his stuff is and he goes upstairs and gets it. In one version of the dream, she is in the car, waiting outside. In another, he just loads up his stuff and he leaves. I go back in, and watch TV.

The good news is that if the last year is any predictor of the future, he wont show up.

I should probably make plans to be somewhere other than at home once he leaves.


Harry Itie said...

You should

Awww said...

There is a 'She'?? :( (unles i'm jumping to conclusions here lol)

Yea you probably should plan to be's to hoping you don't take the damp mood out with you.