Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Baby, I'm Pregnant..."

"How do you know? We just had sex 5 minutes ago!"

I swear, it's really going to be that easy. Each year it gets more and more pronounced. Im EXTRA gragged and in need of affection when Im ovulating.
I find myself blogging about wanting to just be kissed oh so gently sitting crunched up on the couch with the tv off but the lights all on. No words, no sounds just glossy lip gloss . Jeans and bare feet. My long long legs stretched out across yours. Just sitting, laughing, kissing.
I find myself wanting to call all the sorry losers I've ever known and say "I'm coming over".
I find myself listening to Ne-Yo and Justin Timberlake and Jason Mraz and John Mayer.
I find myself getting bold and proactively chasing. I find my solo evening which used to be so welcome filled with melancholy.

I swear, I'm not doing the long distance thing. I remember being in a relationship and having to schedule our moments. But that in effect means Im scheduling my next relationship for September 2006. Which is just as silly.

Im open. I'll be poor as hell, but I guess if I have to do it, I'll do it. Long waits at the airport and no new shoes, because Southwest Airlines is proud owner of my shoe fund.


LOL. Im not even sad. This blog is depressing. Im sitting at my desk grinning. I promise! I'm excited about the possibilities. I realised yesterday that I'm very almost 22. And it shocked me. lol. I'm getting older. And maybe not wiser, but just a teensy bit more mature. And it's exciting and scary at the same time. It's not scary, its sad. Im not a baby anymore, but the future holds no fear anymore. My life is going to be okay. I feel like bursting into song, [which I did on my way to work until my nose filled with the smell of dead skunk which killed the mood. But I digress.] I want to go shopping for hot new clothes and go to Chicago with the girls and feel as beautiful as I did the night of the accident. I want to wear open toe heels again [warm up dammit] and show off my pedicure.

Spring is in the Air. New life. New dreams. New Adventures. The possibilities are endless.


Elle Woods said...

Err..they lied to u....u werent looking pretty the nice of the accident.So ur gonna be 22?Sharrap..atleast u aint as ancient as i am.But dont worry...we all get that feeling of melancholy sometimes...even non-single peeps.

luv ya.

tori said...

Ya Mad.

And I love you too.
But you're still a filthy skeezer.

Soul said...

hmmm Tori.. add some D'angelo, some Meshell in there and I'm right along with you.

And that feeling gets stronger around the ovulating time doesn't it!.. (women hmmph!)
It's like your skin tingles.

by the way... you have enough shoes.. the feel of some strong arms around you beats the feeling of new shoes (or does it?).