Wednesday, March 15, 2006


So I click "create new post" and then I have nothing to say.


Okay, I think its coming. But its gonna be random.

I have a special talent for pissing off my friends. Beside "foot-in-mouth-syndrome" in the encyclopedia is my picture with my foot rammed up to my knee.

Im lonesome. And I hate to admit it. I just dont think its proper to say you want Something to Sleep To. But I've shut up about it for so long that I let a little of it out and now it's all I can seem to talk about. I just know my friends want to shoot me or are systematically blocking me on IM. I promise I'll eventually shut up.

I already need a new blog. I already cant be totally honest on this one. Told too many people about it and Im back to square one.

Maybe its for the better. All that angst made for pretty sombre reading.

It's amazing how much poetry I find in music. I wonder if the writers put it in there on purpose or just stumbled on gold. Something to sleep to is a Michelle Branch line that i SWEAR perfectly encompasses how I feel about falling asleep to a gently rising and falling chest and gentle breathing and utter vulnerability and strength at the same time.

I think watching your child sleep makes motherhood completely worth it.

Brian McKnight could still get it. As long as I break his heart and he stands outside my window and sings "Get Over You".

More randomness later.

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Too Me to blog said...

When you move blogs could you keep it a secret for a month or two? Just enuff time to stuck up on the juicy ish (ineedalife). Please. Talking of poetry in music i've just found my new favorite song (don't know what its called) by Robbie Williams, sound bite: "and i'll be your gay friend/ cause your marriage never ends..." i could have sworn i wrote that in 2003. cop the bootleg, it’ll be something to shave your legs to while you wait for your mattress shaped buddy.