Thursday, March 16, 2006

Copasetic & Cool

I still think Hill St. Soul misspelt "Copacetic".

Im having a beautiful day and it didn't even start yet. I dont know where the happiness starts each morning. It might be while I brush my teeth in front of the mirror in the morning after staring at myself for about 10 minutes. It might be somewhere in there while Im staring at myself. It might be in the shower. I dont even know what I think about in the shower. All I know is that by the time Im dressed and in the kitchen for breakfast, I'm happy and perky and ready to face the day.

Or maybe it's on the walk to work. My fingers are frozen, and my nose is drippy and Im bundled up like the Michelin man, but my iPod is doing its magic and life is beautiful, even with the dead skunk on the embankment.

Oh yeah, just in case you didnt know, the best "walk to work in the morning at the end of winter/beginning of spring is
  • Hill St. Soul [thank you Soul! ]
  • John Mayer Trio [Good love is on the way, Another Kind of Green]
  • Plantashun Boiz [Emmema]
  • Queen Latifah [California Dreamin']
  • Ralph Tresvant
  • Tosin Martins [Olo mi -- this one you can listen to all day and night]

Im sure I have about a million more, but I cant think of them right now. Im gonna sit still and put together an "On the Way to Work" playlist.

Its been so long since I made a playlist or mix-CD. I used to do it all the time in college to record a particular person or emition. I only have one of the CD's left because the others were fapped by various people.

I have no idea what is going on in the world. I need to start reading the news again. if gmail doesnt flash it across the top of my screen or its not an MSN headline, chances are I'll miss the article. I also plan to go join the Ann Arbor Library today. Ypsi library is too far away now, and the number of books im reading each week is exponentially declining. Not good, if I plan to take over the world within the next 20 years.

Today is my friday [I hope you all choke with envy].

This weekend, I'm off to Virginia to be wined and dined by a prospective grad school.

I'm very grateful for good friends. Thank you Rae.


Soul said...

you are most welcome Tori..
good music is the food of life, wouldn't you agree..
spread some love baby... spread some love
p.s. enjoy being wined and dined :)

Soul said...

honey Copasetic... (british spelling) honey

tori said...

Justify it any way you want, Soul, but CopaCetic isnt a real word. Since Americans are the ones who make up random words for no reason, it's gotta be spelt with a C.


Soul said...

It's one of those words where both spellings are actually correct.

like Honour and honor, Colour and Color)
Copasetic is the british spelling for a word which from what I could find soo far probably came from:
Copasetic kinda means.. everything is satisfactory or 'it's all gravy'.. uknowwhatimeanmate?.


Too Me to blog said...

Oh look I'm on T.V! And its the intellectual channel too. Goodluck with the school thing. and be quick with the taking over the world thing 20yrs is too long for me to wait for that loan.

Everchange said...

Yay for John Mayer!