Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm Still Alive....

...but only barely. School started but as they say, when it rains , it POURS. One week and I'm already totally lost in one class and completely innundated with work in every other. The fun thing is I have no classes on friday, but I suspect I will be studying or sleeping on fridays.

I guess I can officially be reffered to as MILF. Not the kind you think tho. I don't have time to have kids. I dont have time for a social life, let alone sex and broken or forgotten contraceptives. So can someone explain to me why I am in love YET AGAIN.

*stupid grin*

Lol. I am a total loser. He is an ungergrad. Granted, a graduating senior, but an undergrad all the same. He kinda looks like Femi Kuti to me [which may or may not be a good thing]. I would say more, but that would probably give away his identity, and he has sworn to hunt for my blog. *grin*

I was pretty sure he was interested in me until I cussed him out for making what I saw to be a chauvinist comment. As we all know, I ADORE complete jackasses who seem sweet on the inside [well, that part is optional, judging by my track record] and it was love at first "you-are-full-of-shit".

Okay, i need to talk, so please Lord Jesus, never ever let him find my blog. Amen.

We had class together [don't ask me how that happened. Seriously, what are the chances? Im a grad student, he isnt, we have totally different majors. All I know is I'm not dropping the class] and he sat beside me and this birthmark he had on his arm just killed me. My Palestinian hottie was on my left and he was on my right. How I ignored my Palestinian hottie for 2 hours in favor of Chauvinist femi Kuti is BEYOND COMPREHENSION. I sat and stared at his birthmark and willed myself not to touch it for to hours.

I failed.

He probably thinks Im psycho now. Some chick sitting in class touching him. WTF?

I must be losing it. Its all this reading.


Hopefully, I'll see him this weekend and dance my way into his head and mess with his shit.

Back to Probability and random Signals for Electrical Engineers.

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Too Me to blog said...

Girls are stupid throw boulders at them!!!