Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh Well,

He likes this other girl.

Too bad.

His best friend still thinks I should tell him.

I think I should cut my losses.

There's still tomorrrow.


I always do dumb shit when I'm this upset. I think I might tell him at lunch on thrusday that he was my first crush here and see how he reacts. But watch me regret it. *sigh*

1 comment:

Soul said...

Would you like me to open his eyes for him and keep them open with toothpicks (okay that was a bit torturous)

You know Tori, you don't have to tell him. What would telling him achieve?. If he likes someone else and you tell him and his behaviour towards you changes, what would you do? and what would you think?.

If you know you are going to regret it, you don't need to do it do you?. (gosh you sound like me)

hmmmm, you and I need a chat don't we honey.