Saturday, October 21, 2006

Serenity Now!

I'm here. I'm sane.

Life is funny and people are funnier. Femi Kuti is a sweetheart in jackass clothing (just the way I like 'em) but I'm letting that one go.

This weekend, I'm studying for the finance makeup test (and searing never to call Business Majors dummies ever again), so that is solved (I hope).

I had lunch with Femi on thursday like we always do, and I told him about the awful group I'm in for that other class, and he made me feel so much better. I told him I missed my dad and he immediately pulled out his wallet and agaveme a phone card. He also made it clear that we were good friends and he truly enjoyed my company , but that was as far as emotion went (don't worry, I didnt hint anything, and I don't think he suspects anything either, I got that out of him using some wuru wuru to the answer) and I decided I agree with him. I think if we dated, the little things he does that irk me would drive me absolutely insane so I.m leaving that alone. Please understand this is MY blog and so that does not constitute a promise I won't talk about this anymore (you should be so lucky).

The group? I talked to my dad and Femi and my uncle about it. its still up in the air, but I feel much better. I suspect I was very hormonal, and that was why i was so upset. We'll see.

I ended up going Salsa dancing with Femi and his crush. "Am I mad?" you ask? not at all. She asked , I said no. He asked, I said no. So they came and GOT me at 11:30pm in my house while I was in my pyjama's with a sarf on my head, looking like Risikatu. *Smh*

I'm glad I went though. It was a lot of fun and she seems like a genuinely nice person, and she is a great dancer. I need lessons!!!!

I sought strength from Him and He gave. Thanks, you guys, for caring.

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