Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Your Love, O Lord

Reaches to the Heavens
Your faithfulness stretches to the skies

Marvin Gaye said it best...don't worry about me, God is my friend. School woes as always. Butting heads majorly with a group member, to the extent he tried to kick me out of the group. I lost my temper. I'm grateful I didn't curse at him or anything insane, but I sure was tempted. Grateful for the wisdom of God to walk away. I called my professor and emailed him to inquire about changing groups for real, because the class really isnt worth the stress.

Now he emails me and says the last thing he wants to do is make me unconfortable in the group. You just tried ot kick me out!!! How do I feel comfortable?


I'm sad. And when I get here, I finally do what I should have done from the beginning: give it ALL to God. The Finance bad grade, the Femi Kuti Situation, the cruel team member, everything.

I need grace.


Soul said...

hmm Tori..
i dunno what to say, but i think you did the right thing in leaving it to that which you believe can solve all your worries.

Whoooossaaahhhh Let it go, breathe, and look at things again.

re: the finance paper, it's done? ask if you can redo it.. if not, it's done. figure out a way to raise the average.

re: the group member, sometimes some people show their fear in extremely stupid and destructive ways. Don't engage him/her at all. It's called trying to mark your territory and that's what this idiot is doing, going after someone who he/she fears.
Brush that shit off your shoulders. If you can change groups, do it. If not, then call a meeting of al group members and ask that all personal issues be put on the table so that you guys can carry on and produce the best darn results that you can. Be clear in expressing that you do not have to like each others personalities in order to successfully produce good results. you just have to respect each others intellectual abilities and trust that all members are working to get the best possible scores.

RE: Femi Kuti.
His loss. for real. I know that's not what you wanna hear right now, but it's true.
you never know, maybe whilst you are focusing on him, MR Wonderful is shying away in a corner..
Concentrate on you and this new experiment you got going with embracing your girlie side.

Be well Tori... okay. It will be good.

Bent out of shape said...

That stinks. I had a problem like that when I was in school too. I actually did get kicked off the team by him and 2 other guys. Being that everyone else was 'taken', I had to be in a group all by myself... *Does that actually still qualify to be called a 'group'?..*. Anyway, to spite 'em, I studied like a maniac on meth for 3 whole weeks, and at the end of the semester when we had to give presentations, I won the extra credit for the best in the whole class!...yeah, made it all worthwhile for me... Just ignore the guy and try to make your contributions as best you can... It'll be over soon.


I'm sad too. You know what I don't get? Why it's always the women who have to deal with heartbreak... That really sucks... Men just seem to be 'ok'... *sigh*. Men suck. Relationships suck. Heartache sucks the worst of all. (sorry Tori. TERRIBLE week for me emotionally.)