Thursday, February 15, 2007

He is a Blogger!

Who would'a thunk it? And I'm a total stalker. Google is the shit.

..well, he was a blogger. Hasnt blogged since like April last year.....unless he just switched blogs. My inner Sherlock is itching to get out. Apparently, he has been insane for a lot longer than I thought.

I think i'm going to ask him about the blog. I know, i'm horribly obvious, and yes, i'm awfully nosy and even more, I'm sure it was supposed to be private, but he should have thought of that before he put his real name on there. Hmmph.

I'll be back. Homework calleth. I think i got my blog-jo back!!!


pink gloves said...

lol. why u stalking him? abi you are trying to be his kokolette?

Soul said...

lol... google is too cool. this is the Gospel of modern times.

Btw, why are you messing up my retirement plans?. No boys.. just school please. So I can live the 'life of 'reily' shortly...

stay cool Tori. :)