Sunday, February 18, 2007

I did it!!!

I almost forgot. Well, I didn't totally do it but remember how I said I was going to get the gorgeous weave I had never had the balls for? I did it! I wish I could post a picture, but that wouldn't do for anonymity would it (although my dumb ass just gave one of the recent subjects of this blog a link *slaps self*)?

Life is good. I started reading old blogs and I'm not as horribly boring on this blog as I thought. Y'all should have given a little more feedback jo *hiss*

Valentines day was a blast. It snowed like no mans business and class was cancelled which was fantastic because I hadn't done homework i had due and I hadn't the foggiest idea what to do. NSBE called and promised to send me flowers (which, as expected, never arrived) but I still love him to death. Went out in the snow with my IAD buddies to an Indian buffet and after great food and even better conversation, we made snow angels (actually, we made the snow angels on the way to the restaurant, but the sentence was sexier this way. Its called artistic license. Sue me).

Okay, on the phone with an oooold friend so I'll finish later!

Okay, off the phone. That was fun. Catching up is always great. I just got done reading through the blog. I'm an idiot. In the good kind of way. :D I also feel totally naked since, as I type this, i know someone is reading the things I wanted to keep totally private and away.

But nudity can be good. Like I said at the beginning, I hate how polite society says I can't be transparent. I'm a transparent person. I love you or I hate you and its written on my face. I'm not a private person. My life is an open book, but polite society says I need to be closed in order to survive. Maybe that's the allure of blogging. I can talk and talk about myself and no one has to know (until I go around giving people links *rollseyes*).

And I feel the need to repeat what I said the last time on xanga. I'm Freying. Nothing (well some thing are, but why tell you and spoil my ability to say " I made it up") is completely true. my blog allows me to add a little imagination to everything and make it sound the way I want it to. I get to ascribe separate events with different people to one event with whoever and however I choose.

And with the disclaimer done, I'm off to bed.

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