Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blogger is Scary

I think that is why my posts are such garbage. I read a few blogs here [as you can see from my side bar] and I think just about everyone on there has had their comment boxes thoroughly raped by spammers.

How absolutely mortifying.

I have no idea what my traffic is on here, nor do I know how many readers I have, but lucky for me, my blog hasnt been "graced"........yet.

I think Xanga is comforting and maybe that is why that blog is years better than this one. I open a fresh editor for a new post and my mind goes blank for fear of getting run over in a drive by comment spam. *shudder*


Elle Woods said...

Dude...stop whining and just blog.

wale_ariztos said...

i second that e-motion.

david said...

no, change your comments module. Blogger has another comments module that has a set of alpnanumericals that you have to enter to before you can post a comment. This is to prevent spammers from postiing in your comments space. Try it, i've used for 6 months and i've hard no problem with spammers.