Thursday, May 11, 2006

Xanga is on Hiatus...

...and so I was forced back here.

I'm sorry...I've been AWOL. Xanga is still my first love. She feeds my attention seeking self. I get feedback.

That is not true, because I don't even check my sitemeter on Xanga. Hmmm....I wonder what my traffic looks like.

Here, I have no idea if I have one reader or twenty.

I suspect one [lol]. Most people know the good stuff is on xanga.

I am falling deeper and deeper in love with The Tony Rich Project. I got Pictures yesterday, and now I'm on a mission to get Birdseye and Resurrection. I've always adored Words, but I'm rediscovering it and loving every second.

In other news, I'm jamming to ElDee and his Long Time Coming CD, and I'm loving Do ti e:

There's a party at the club, je a lo si be
Its strictly IV but we don't care
I got a bottle of Hen and Courvoisier
And if you wanna bounce us, a ma do ti e

I'm homesick. I've been listening to Naija music like its about to be banned like in the Prohibition. I swear, there was a time I never touched Nigerian music. I'd hear it in passing, but would never burn a CD, let alone put the tracks on my PC.

Now? I Have a little over 3.5GB of contemporary naija music on the 'pod, and a whole rack of old stuff [I'm not homesick enough to listen to the Obey yet, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to collect it in anticipation for the bug to hit :wink: ]

oh yeah, check out the ElDee "I go yarn" video. It's rather cheesy, especially with the solitary tear running down his cheek, and he used a lot of general african hunger footage, and some american homeless people footage and I thought that was out of place, but then, I figure the song is meaningful for all of Africa, so I'm willing to overlook that.....but the US footage? ehhh.

Anyhow, I'm talking too much. Watch it for yourself here.

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