Saturday, May 20, 2006

Funeral [not parking lot] Pimping

Jersey was......strange.

A very good [and grossly underappreciated] friend lost her mother a couple weeks ago so I felw out to New Jersey to see her and attend the memorial service on tuesday [her mom passed in Nigeria, and Graduation is on Sunday].

I truly need to stop whining. And I say that every year when I am graced to witness strength in adversity. She was, of course, very upset about her mom, but she spoke such wisom and strength to me, that I had to say a prayer of "Who am I Lord?"

She is one of those wonderful people who always has a kind word for absolutely everyone. She is an incredibly generous spirit, and I feel awful because she truly was one of those people in college who went out of their way to be a friend. Of all my "friends", she was the only one who made it to my graduation. And she got me a very thoughtful gift [a few months earlier we had been at the mall and i had liked something I couldnt afford to get. She remembered]. I can't remember how many times she called me just to say " hey, Tori, I just cooked...would you like to come over?" when the other people who were my closest friends were in my suite every ten seconds to eat, but never remembered me when it was their turn. [Okay, why is food important? Obviously, because we were broke college student, and every bite needed to stretch].

I am broke as a churchmouse right now, but I am glad I went out there to support her. And it didn't hurt that her cousins are hot.

Okay, that was tacky. But they are hot.

Oh yeah, while I was in college, we went to a wedding together and I met her hot med-student cousin and his hot med-student buddy. Isaw them both again in Jersey and came to find out the hot med-school buddy is going to do his residency at my grad school. What are the chances of that?

This entry sucked balls, but I felt like I owed something.


Too Me to blog said...

It didn't suck but the title was strange. 'funeral pimpin'- sorrow for sale? deep.

Onada said...

sounds oddly familiar. Interesting.

Sola Baale said...

Really really sorry, just had a read through this entry and realised that you are not the toritse I know. However, you've got an interesting blog.