Friday, May 26, 2006

Leaving on a Jetplane

I can barely believe I'm done. I have a few more weeks of hanging around doing nothing planned, but I feel like i should be packing. I'm not excited or dissapointed. I'm strangely....meh.

No emotion.

I need to start making plans. Call Enterprise rent-a-car about picking up a car and dropping it off there. Buy boxes to put my stuff in. Figure out who is driving with me.

I'm a dummy, I should have paid 2 months rent in one fell swoop. I forgot. I wonder if they'll give me my check back, or I just have to write another one.

People are funny. The year is over and no one who promised came to visit. Except Chi. And I dont even think she was one of the people who promised when I got the job.

I'm moving back now, and all the people who promised to help me move back home aren't picking up their phones. Ha ha.

I guess I need to truly "try it on my own" as I have been singing for the past year. 8 hours 34 minutes, here I come!


Elle Woods said...

What am i? Chopped Liver?

Sola Baale said...

Love the name (Ctrl+Alt+Del), guessing it's you, Tori(or this would look real stupid). Just joined this blogging thing and I come acrosss one naija person and alas there are a bunch of others. Anyway, that hi5 was getting boring big time for me especially with peeps not writing anything in their journals. I hate looking at weird bum-bums all day. Anyway, we shall hopefully converse more via this medium. Enjoy!

tori said...

Lol@ Sola. Glad youre enjoying it .

@ know I love you, but you didnt promise to visit me when I called to tell you I got a job in the middle of nowhere. You were an unexpected bonus :grin: