Monday, May 22, 2006

Freaky Hi5 Weirdos

Does Hi5 only send friend requests and messages on certian days, or is there a "lets send Tori friend requests and stupid messages" day?

Last wee kit was saturday. I got about 5 friend requests from absolute strangers. It would be one thing if they were all male, but apparently, Im so hot, or so mysterious[ considering there is very little personal information about me on my page], that women want a piece of this too!!!

Im very shallow, so my Hi5 works like this:
  • If I actually know you, I will definitely approve you
  • If I don't know you, but youre a really hot guy, then I'll approve you..gotta keep the lines of future conversation open :wink:

Everyone else gets the boot. I very very rarely send friend requests to people. And if I do, chances are you are an old friend I lot touch with 10 years ago and I was just so excited to see you're alive and well, and it doesn't hurt you if i remember you are hot/have a hot brother.

anyhow, back to my story. I got the cutest message yesterday.

"hey wassup i propose we skip the hi5 thing the long telephone conversations and everything else in between and just get married ASAP plus i gat lots of naira i cook mow the lawn do laundry and my bedroom skills are off the flipn hook...wut u think??? "

If you ignore the blatant disregard for the rules of the english language, it was funny and sorta refreshing, compared to the usual "I dont know you, Angel, but I know you are the love of my life, and we ought to spend eternity together" messages I usually get.

I must be coming up in the world.


Nkem said...

Your star is on the rise!!

low said...

Lol that was funny. I thot i was the only one that got requests from guys who pretty much think the hieght of coolness is when they taking a picture sitting under the tree with sunglasses on their heads..PSHHHH...pisses me the hell off!!
Nice page

Anonymous said...

That's a funny should add him

TP said...

LOL, funny post. Special treatment for accepting friends requests eh?

I also get those marriage proposals on hi5 o. One guy even said that he was sure that God had destined us to be together. This is despite the fact that my relationship status on hi5 clearly states "married".