Sunday, September 10, 2006

One more Odd fact about me

I am insanely attracted to men's backs. Yes. Backs. The way men look at womens boobs or hips or butts, I suspect I feel the same way about a well defined back as most men feel about a 36C or a minute waist and Beyonce's badunka. That crease in your lower back where your spine is and your shoulders and the muscle behind the blades? *swoon*

Lucky for me, I don't get slapped for touching. :wink:


LeperColony said...

You also have the advantage of leering from behind, so as to avoid offense. Nice set up.

Soul said...

Backs in general are such amazing parts of the body that are constantly over looked.
then you got the whole broad expanse of a man's back that tapers off into a V.

Extremely nice.
And erm, honey, are you feenin'?.

Bent out of shape said...

Hmm... You know, I'm that way about a guy's shoulders... mmm.

KTCheval said...

*nods in agreement*
Backs are very sexy . . .

tianu said...

girl......i absolutely and totally love backs.the thing is people do overlook it, but.....i think backs are prolly one of the sexiest assests on not just guys, but females as well.