Sunday, September 17, 2006

On New Romance, and Lunch

I simply cannot remember to eat. I just realised I ate only once today and once yesterday....well twice if you count the chicken wings and the cake at the picnic. I never remember to eat lunch during the week, except on thursdays when [so far] Femi and I have gone to eat together. Its not really a standing started 3 weeks ago, we have done 2 thursday lunches....Im not calling him this week, because I made the plans the last couple weeks. I want to make sure he wants to lunch with me and I'm not dragging him away from whatever or whoever it is he usually lunches with and he is only agreeing out of some weird sense of politeness.

Femi and I went out together last night. I don't know if Im allowed to call it a date and I'm jumping the gun, but he suddenly called at about 10:30 last night to ask what I was doing.


"On saturday night? I'm on my way to come pick you up. Do you have any movies at home? I feel like eating ice cream and watching a movie"

Of course I gather up my books and computer in like 20 seconds and I'm out the door before I remember: I dont have a tv!!!!!

He is like "cool, whatever, lets still get ice cream and chill," so we go buy ice cream and some drinks and go to my place and just chill and talk for like another half hour - 45 minutes then he suggests we go out dancing. Went downtown and danced the rest of the night away. It was a lot of fun. He said we had to do it again. He dropped me off at home and that was it.

I walked in my house smelling like his cologne. *smile*

The weather is fabulous and I'm high off the possibilities of new something. Tomorrow goes up to 84 degrees so I shaved my legs and plan to wear a skirt. And I don't even expect to see him tomorrow. I hope my high doesn't die soon--I need as much perkiness as I can muster for the career fairs on tuesday and thursday. I might want to revise and print out my resume. Jobhunting sucks ass.

I hope we're still on for lunch thursday.



Bent out of shape said...

That's a great feeling. You're not too excited, but you feel awesome... You feel the excited 'stirrings' of something new, and that good, warm feeling seems to make everything this much better... Cool.. :)

Soul said...

tori gots a groove thang going. :)

tianu said...