Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Does Failure Really Build Character?

...because I'm about to become as great as *gosh, this is hard... I can't think of a single famous person with untainted character!* ummm Gandhi?

For X[n] <= 20 for n = {1,2,3} X[1] = 15 X[2] = 9 X[3] = 0 Does this count as an exponential decline? edit: See? I suck! I can't even spell Failure! *wails*


Ineka said...


Thank me later.

Soul said...

it's not the spelling that matters honey, it's knoeledge of the word and what that words means.

And that word definitely in no way represents you.
Know that, believe that. small crisis which I'm sure is over now.
Now who and what do I need to bitch slap? lol