Sunday, April 23, 2006

I am not my Hair

or this skin or that degree or that *cringe* bank balance or these 3687 mp3s on my iPod.

Although, I am rather proud of that last one.

My hair has bothered me so much, that I had a dream last night about dying and being readopted by my family [ or something like that] and anyhow, my natural mother was half white so the resulting me was the exact same bautiful dark skinned me with the exact same beautiful african features, except I had that covetted long super curly, super unmanagable "mixed" hair.

It was long and full and all over the place. And I loved it. Somewhere in there, I woke up. And I remembered every conversation I've had with my natural haired sister and natural haired buddy about cutting my hair and going natural. And then I got online and saw African shirts blog and India's video, and I think its certain now. Im going natural.....someday.

For now, I'm going to do everything I ever wanted to do with it, but was too scared to do. I am going to get a beautiful completely fake long curly mid-back length weave. And I'm going to love it. And then maybe after that, right before I chop it all off, I'm going to get one of those short uuberfunky assymetric cuts that look fabulous. Then I'm going to make like India.Arie and go bald.

Drat. Cant do that. I have this weird birthmark on my scalp. Ugh. Moving on.

And finally [for at least this chapter of my life] I am going to watch it grow slowly, naturally, un-messedwithably.


Soul said...

join us.. join us....

yeah so i'm natural as well, and in the summer I let out my afro.. and just rock on dude.

I think all air needs a break from constant perming and heat, but that's just my take on it.

in anycase, whatever you decide, just do it and be fabulous! :D

(I've never had a weave sha, something about it has never seemed right to me lol.. I've always thought that it would be insanely hot under the bonnet lol)

adefunke said...

I have been natural for a year now and I am loving it.

MaryDunne said...

I GOT A WEAAAVVVEEEEE!!! HA! I tried natural, got sick of it and went back to perming and now I have my first weave...sod it! Its HAIR!!! It'll always grow back any old way!!! When i hit thirty, I'll have my coveted locs AND a boob job...I'm tryna decide whether to go up to a "C" cup from a pathetic "B" cup, or go higher to a "D" big is a "D" cup anyway??? Darn...I don't want anything too noticeable...Yah...I'm crazy and loving it :D

Soul said...

where the heck are you :( grrrrr.
Where the heck is the music :( grrr
oh well you get the picture..

Dans said...

i'm getting a weave too...down to my ass..indian style...
shit... i'm get those eyelashes too like i've always dream of.

rock on girl!!