Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Brand New Jones

It's amazing what good music does for the soul. Iwas slowly but surely slipping back into my familiar melancholy over the past week as evidenced by my new playlist on my mp3 player

  • Release Me [Wilson Phillips]
  • I Love Your Way [Will to Power]
  • Fast car (acoustic) [Tracy Chapman]
  • Nobody Knows [Tony Rich Project]
  • Smile [Tamia]
  • Better Man [Robbie Williams]
  • California Dreamin' [Queen Latifah]
  • Home [Brian McKnight]
  • Officially Missing you [Tamia]

but then, as I walked to work, I bumped into Robin Thicke and literally danced all the way here.

Busy day ahead, but it should be good.

Is it a bad thing that I am a total attention whore? That isn't even rhetorical. There is a correct answer. No. it is me. And I shall revel in it. No apologies.

Playlists are pure joy. Words are simply incomplete. Now an entire song? Or A group of songs! I can define places, feelings , poeple.... no, not people, but how I feel about certain people by my playlists. And you leave them alone and let them mariante for a couple of months then dig them out one day and enjoy the transportation back in toime to another place, another feeling.


It's been soo long since I made a good playlist... I think the last one was This time last year, quite possibly even later...


MaryDunne said...

I'M SORRRRRYYYYYYY!!!! You attention whore you!!!

Too Me to blog said...

"Lord Im doing all I ca-a-a-an to be a better man"
*takes bow*