Monday, April 03, 2006

So I got Tagged Again....

...And since I'm a lazy bum, I'm going to C & P off my other blog. If you read my old blog, just read the very bottom of this one...that's all that changed. And I'm not tagging anyone. Thank me later.

  1. He's gotta like to dance with me. [Lol, i got dancing on the brain].
  2. Ineka will beat me up if I lie and say this isnt in there. He's gotta be tall. And preferably slim. [that isn't absolute, but that's where my head is right now].
  3. I've gotta fall in love with his mind. Therefore he must be a reader. There is something reading random books does to peoples heads that... *shiver*
  4. He has to be able to take charge without making me feel patronised or snubbed. Know how to pick his battles with me without making me feel ignored.
  5. Spontaneity is always good. I think every man should take a 2 hour course on the importance of moments to a relationship.
  6. He's gotta love God more than I do. Okay, that's just selfish, but sometimes I need someone to remind me/ keep me focused.
  7. He's gotta know how to laugh and make me laugh.
  8. He has to respect my mind.
  9. He needs to make me feel safe and protected and girly. I like it when you open doors for me and, take my hand when we cross the street and take heavy things from me and all that cutesy stuff. AND I LOOOVE being picked up. If I could pay someone a dollar to pick me up every day, I'd do it.
  10. Needs to make me feel hot without me needing to stuff pillows in my draws. lol.
  11. Im cheating I know,this is number 11, but he has got to know how to kiss me. How to make my toes curl and my brain stop going a mile a minute.....I could keep goingwith that one, but I gotta maintain my reputation as a innocent little 8 year old. :wink:

My list is completely will probably change tomorrow. But , then again, it might not.


MaryDunne said...

9. ...AND I LOOOVE being picked up. If I could pay someone a dollar to pick me up every day, I'd do it.

I LOVE that too...except I'm taller than he is :( ...and he hates to do it :((

Adunni said...

You just spoke my mind. i Currently have that and more but it doesnt look like it will work.