Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So I wrote my first piece today

:giggles like a schoolgirl:

It wasnt very original, and it was very short, but I got great feedback. The muse may yet be here

I'll C&P.

He's looking at me.

I know it. I know it because I've been looking at him since we got here.

Well, maybe not the entire time. It was hard to remember anyone existed when that song came on. The world became a blur as I moved, all caution to the wind. I didn't care how I looked or what anyone thought. I twisted and turned and swung and let completely loose. My hair was everywhere, my purse, shoved in the hands of a waiting friend while I let the rhythm take over. I danced till my stomach hurt. And it felt good. As the music changed to one of those songs you and I both know by heart, but not because we like it, but because someone somewhere paid someone to have it played on the radio 8000 times, I made my way to the bar to get an apple martini.

And that was when I saw him looking. He toasts me silently and I smile back.
I make my way back to where my girls are talking about how I took over the floor. I laugh and sip my drink slowly. The music is good. There is no point wasting a good night to baraje by being intoxicated.

I steal a glance at him.

O my God, he's coming over. My heart skips a beat. I know I look a hot mess. I've ben dancing, I'm hot and sweaty and I haven't been to the bathroom to do damage control yet. Omygodomygodomygodomygod--Hi *smile, Tori, smile*

Thank you. You don't look so bad yourself. *omygodomygodheisGOOOOOORGEOUS*

Ha, ha! I need to catch my breath for a moment. Save me one.

I finish my drink, and make my way to the bathroom to see how bad it is. Not bad at all surprisingly. Most of my makeup is gone, but I look....alive. I grab my hair up in a ponytail and deal with a little forehead shine. I wait for her to get done and we re-enter the party and its like the DJ knows me.


aww HEEEEELLLL NO!!! He took it back to 1999!!!!

I start moving right there. She laughs, and takes my purse without needing to ask. I spot the rest of the crew on the dancefloor and make a beeline for them....

As I begin to SCHOOL them on how its done, he appears at my elbow. In a second, I feel like proposing. We dance like we've been partners forever. He knows when I'm going to go forward, he anticipates my hip flick and counters perfectly. I'm in heaven. I don't remember who I came with or even what song is playing. All I know is the rhythm and our bodies moving in perfect unison.

*baraje: Nigerian term for losing yourself in the music.


Bent out of shape said...

Very nice. But wait, did this really happen, or did you make it up? Also, WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?? I don't know what you were worried about Tori... this is great writing.

TPRHYMES said...

Tori, I love this piece, what a great writer. I know you will love rhymes too, so let´s rhyme.

Soul said...

Tori, I've read this post over and over again since you posted it and honestly, I'm kinda just ... wow!.

all I got to say is wow.

Too Me to blog said...

And the award for best 460 word girl meets boy story goes to...

tori said...

*grins like an idiot*

Thank you everyone!!!

I made it up. I honestly have NO idea what happened next. I suspect he asked for her number on the way out of the club, but shelled [made a grammatical error] or something of that nature and killed the entire experience. lol.

Elle Woods said...


jadEn said...

thats a really cool piece.
hope you write more.. i'll find out i guess.