Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Double Standards

I hate it when men think it's okay to say shit like this to me

Stupid Asshole: ah ah./...i jus saw d pic on facebbok...u really loookin gud
She... says: lol
Me: eshe oh [thank you]
Stupid Asshole: awon bobos nko....
Me: none in Michigan oh
Me: at least i havent met them
Me: there are some hotties i Chicago sha...
Stupid Asshole: damn...u must be horny as hell

I think I have some left over Queen's College prude in me. Either that or Im just stuck up. Especially considering I had just promised to feel him up in a club if I saw him perform in Chicago instead of Maryland.

But that's a whole other story.


Soul said...

lemme guess...
Dude is from naija right?.

I think Naija dudes get training on tactlessness, odd comments and ruining the mood (lol).
Ironic I just summarised a load of scenarios I find myself in with the afore mentioned dudes.

Bent out of shape said...

Hmm...I'd like to say that it's only Naija guys who are that ignorant, but it's pretty much all males... At least the ones I've had the misfortune of dating... stinks doesn't it?

somborri said...

oh lawd...lawd...i get that all the time. as if i was some ugly mo'fo in secondary school and then they proceed to ask me the exact same thing: 'awon boys nko?' i usually tell them i have to go and attend to my booty
ur on fbuk? hook up with a sista sometime lol

tori said...

lol at all the retarded males with acute foot in mouth syndrome

@somborri, I would if I knew who you were sweerie...